My Top 4 Digital Life Saving, Life Hacks


There are a few things that people see me doing on a daily basis with my phone and computer. When spotted, their eyes light up; they want to know how they can do these too so they can reap the benefits. No, it’s not watching porn. Here are my top 4 simple yet powerful methods to save time, eyes, and space. You’re welcome.


Reverse your phone’s screen colors, save your eyes at night, with invert color shortcut

They say we’re spending as much time looking at a screen all day as much as we sleep. Yikes. With that in mind, you probably should take care of your eyes, to avoid joining the ranks of Zombie land. Yes, the brightness of our screens is slowly blinding us and keeping us awake. Yes, apple has taken this measure with the night shift mode for the new iOS 9.3, which is kind of like f.lux for your computer, although this is NOWHERE near as effective as the reverse colors shortcut. Check out the better option:

When texting at night, wouldn't you rather have what's on the right?

When texting at night, wouldn’t you rather have what’s on the right?

Here’s how to do it.

Go to Settings app > General > Accessibility > Accessibility Shortcut (scroll all the way down to see it) > Invert Colors (checkmark it)

To turn it on or off, just click your home button three times.

By the way, you can also do this for your mac.

Hit ⌘Command+Alt/Option+F5 > click Keyboard Shortcuts > Click on Shortcuts tab > Click on Accessibility > Checkmark the “Invert Colors” option.

To turn it on or off, just hit Control+Alt/Option⌘Command+8 on your keyboard.

Yes, this will make your eyes happier at night, and yes, it will make you look cooler at parties. Two caveats though; things that are already black, such dark-colored apps will be bright, and photos, especially of people will become indecipherable and even creepy looking. Maybe you’re into that, you sick creature, you.


Throw your wallet away, save space with an iPhone sticky wallet, get your pockets back

Let’s face it, physical cards are becoming a thing of the past. If you really think about it, you probably only need three cards with you at any time: a debit/credit card [form of payment], your driver license/ID[form of ID], and maybe health insurance. The rest, such as your Walgreen’s Club Card and Petco pet super saver card can be stored digitally on your phone.


Maybe this is why your dating life has been sucking lately? Time for something that won’t misshape your ass.

Enter the iPhone sticky wallet. Look at how sleek that is, and how much space it’s going to save you.


That phone has a misshaped ass, but I kinda like it.

Plus, no more lost wallets.

Buy one online for a dollar, or do like I do: nab a few from a booth for $0 when you’re at just about any business conference. Companies hand them out in droves.


Kick your Facebook addiction once and for all, save oodles of time, eliminate FOMO with these apps and plugins

If you’re reading this post, you likely saw it on Facebook, so you’re probably addicted. It’s okay, I was too. First step is admission, right? 

On your phone:

Delete the Facebook app > then, only access Facebook from safari browser

This will make your browsing experience less desirable because it’s not ‘native’ and smooth like it is on the app. Plus, you won’t receive notifications. These factors will make you check it only when needed or are really bored – which is how you should treat Facebook, if you’re addicted.


Not to worry! Yes, FOMO is a terrible feeling, but you can have your FOMO-free cake and eat it too if you sync Facebook events to your calendar.

Here’s how to on Google calendar, or download Sunrise calendar and connect your fb account. I like Sunrise better because it works on all devices, even your computer. It also syncs with other event apps like Meetup and Eventbrite, plus you can rsvp to Fb events directly from the app.

On your computer:

Oh yes, there are fancier addiction cures for your computer.

If you’re using Chrome, download this Chrome extension.

It will limit your time on Facebook by how many notifications you have. Once you’ve had ample time to catch up on notifications, it will dim the screen and give you shit.

Gosh, fine!

Gosh, fine!

By the way: if you run a business that relies on Facebook, sure, maybe you need to be on there more often. If that’s the case, schedule the time you spend on there, and you may want to enable the newsfeed killer, which will simply disappear your newsfeed – the most addicting part of fb.


Save time, fingers, turn Siri into your butler, be a boss, hurt no one’s feelings

You’re probably not using Siri to its potential. Sure, your phone is happy to let you tap, type and swipe all day, but in many cases, this can simply be delegated to Siri, saving you 10 seconds here, 5 seconds there, and maybe even a minute in some cases! That all adds up in our digital, fast paced age. Save time, eat more vegan pizza. 

Go ahead, feel like Bruce Wayne.

Go ahead, feel like Bruce Wayne.

Here are a few common ones you can remember to practice your butler bossing skills and save time as if you’re a busy person with greasy pizza hands. 

Set an alarm for X:XX

Remind me to xxxxx on x/xx at x:xx

Give [Navigate] me directions to…address, city, state

Open [app name] app

Send a text to First Last saying xxxxx


So there you have it, my top 4 digital life-saving, life-hacks. You can implement them in minutes, and they’ll save you hours of time…that is, until the government puts a chip in your head, making phones/computers (and these life hacks) obsolete. Til then though…